Do you have the most adorable kid in the world? Do people tell you all the time your kid should be a model? Or maybe your child has expressed a desire of their own to get into show business, but you have no idea where to start. Well, you’ve come to the right place! Jumpstart your child’s modeling/show business career with this Ultimate E-Guide which includes everything you need to get started. Inside this guide you will learn the ins and outs of navigating the show business industry. There are tons of information out there, but it can all be so confusing on where to begin. This E-Guide was designed to save your time searching, guessing and praying you are doing it all right.

As a mom of two children in this business we’ve had some amazing opportunities! Thanks to our agency my kids have worked for Disney, ABC, Carters, and Mattel to name a few.  Early in my sons career he booked two different global campaigns with Levi’s. His pictures were seen all over their website and inside their flagship store in Times Square New York City and even internationally for Levi’s Colombia.

Before my daughter was even walking or talking, she booked her first commercial with MTV/VH1 at just seven weeks old. It was a powerful PSA about Black Maternal Health that we were so proud and honored to be a part of. I cannot wait to show her one day, all she was doing when she was just a tiny baby!

These photos above are of recent work. Lots of print work , movie sets and some commercials. My son and daughter got to work together for Carter’s Christmas campaign. Their photos could be found in every Carters around the country and on their instagram page.

Now what you see above are only success highlights, what I cannot show you are the countless days and hours spent driving to and from auditions and photo shoots. I do not have any rejection pictures to share, but they do exist in my memory. Just five days after delivering my baby girl via c-section, my son booked a shoot and because he was too nervous to go with daddy, I took him. This is definitely a do what you gotta do, kind of business. It’s not always glitz and glamour, so I’ve created this Ultimate E-Guide with hopes to give you the real scoop behind the scenes of this business , plus everything you need to get started.  If you have absolutely no idea where to start, or a little fearful about the process, this E-Guide will give you a leg up as you start your journey in this business.


The 40 Page Ultimate E-Guide Includes

  • TOP Modeling Agencies (AFTRA Franchised) FOR 8 CITIES
  • Exclusive Insider Tips & Tricks  
  • Photo Submission Tips to Land an Agency 
  • Show Business Checklist 
  • How To Choose The Right Agency
  • Style Guide
  • Hair Guide 
  • How to Prepare for Auditions
  • What To Do After Booking Your First Gig
  • **BONUS – TOP Headshot Photographers in NY|LA (most of them travel)
Ultimate E-GUIDE

One of the FAQ I often get is, “is it worth it?” Is the money, time and effort spent, worth it?   I believe that’s a personal question, that means something different to every parent in this industry. I have worked in the entertainment industry my self for many years, and a lot of it is smoke and mirrors. At present it works perfect with our schedule, and my son seems to really enjoy doing it. He has two parents who have worked very hard all our lives to attain the life we have. What I hope he gains now and in the later years to come is a sense of pride and spirit of success. My prayer for both of my children is that they always have a drive to succeed and that they dream big to accomplish whatever it is they want in life. Money will come and go; so will fame and accolades, but nobody can take your hustle, your drive, or your spirit to succeed.

If you are really interested in knowing if the money is worth it 🤑, well that all depends on how well your child does of course. I know of kids who are always booked and busy, some who have booked reoccurring roles on tv shows that can pay something like $25k per episode. Our CPA told us of one of his clients (a child star) who is currently the breadwinner of his family and both of his parents are working. At 18 years old, most kids get access to their Coogan accounts and to have a leg up financially of money that they worked hard for I think is a blessing. Beyond money are the opportunities to expose your children to different people and places. You never truly know where this business can take you. Children is this industry get the ability to learn new skills and experience the world on a broader scope.

So the answer for me is YES, it’s worth it. Now I’ll ask is it worth it for you? If you’re ready to stop thinking , hoping and wishing to get started download the Ultimate E-Guide now.  The 40 page document is a one time downloadable pdf that will come to your email after purchase.

Ultimate E-GUIDE

Also available for instant download is the list of TOP AGENCIES for kid models. This list consist of the top agencies in EIGHT different city/states and direct links to their instagram accounts. Which include the top 20 in Los Angeles, NY, Atlanta, Texas, Florida (Miami & Orlando), SF and Philadelphia. (Ideally you need to live in or at least 2 hours from these locations) There are literally thousands of agencies out there, anyone can start one and of course some of them are scams. My list consist only of the agencies booking kids for top brands like GAP, OLD NAVY, LEVIS, TARGET, OSH KOSH, CARTERS, NIKE, NATIONAL COMMERCIALS, AND MAJOR MOVIES. When my kids go on auditions, I pay attention to where all the other children are signed to and when they book jobs the call sheets also list what agencies each child is with. After doing extensive research of 100+ child models, this is the list you need! Of the thousands of agencies out there, only a few consistently get their kids booked over and over. Save yourself the search and fear of having to figure out who’s who and take this list and run!




The information inside this e-guide is solely intended as a guideline on how to enter your child(ren) into show business. It does not guarantee your child getting signed, becoming a star or successful in the business. The writer of this e-guide is not an agent, nor does she endorse or recommend any specific agency listed. Your own due diligence and discretion on making any contractual decisions for you and your family is strongly advised.

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